Wednesday, July 2, 2008


So one day a few weeks ago, my sister in law, Christin, calls me and says, "what do you know about inchies? "

I reply, "I don't know. Are they a line of little stamps or something?"

She says, "No, they are one inch little pieces of art that you decorate and can trade like ATC's. And, we are going to start making them. So check them out!"

"Ok, I will." Well that little conversation has led us to this. Christin has started an obsession. We have even gotten my Grandma in on it. So, now we are making these tiny litle pieces of art and trading them between us. Actually, we just make 3 of each and give them each other because none of us can bear to part with the ones we have made. The biggest challenge is deciding what to do on a little one inch square. I think we are doing pretty well so far.

Give them a try yourself and let me see what you come up with!