Monday, July 7, 2008

Decor Elements

I just got some of the new Decor Elements. It took me awhile to decide which ones I wanted and where I was going to put them. So I finally decided on the circle frame and an M for my initial to put in my dining room. Here it is!

The "M" in this picture looks lighter than the frame, but it really isn't it.

Here is another picture to try to give you some idea of the size. The picture in the frame below is an 8x10. The circle is about 13" in diameter. I have to say they were pretty easy to put up! The only problem I had was that for the first step, you have to rub the back to transfer the design to the transfer sheet. Well, the little dots did not want to trasnfer. I had to keep rubbing them. I thought I was going to rub through the backing paper. But after finally getting it to transfer correctly, it went up on the wall without a problem at all.

The "M" was also much easier to get to transfer to the transfer sheet.


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