Friday, November 7, 2008

Countdown to Christmas!

So not too long ago, I placed an order for some of the new Decor Elements. I wasn't esactly sure what I was going to do with them... But I had to have them. Well, I finished a few projects. Most of my inspiration for these projects came while I was walking through Target and Walmart.

This board I found at Walmart for about $7.00. The top part is a white magnetic board and the bottom is a bulletin board. I applied my Countdown to Christmas Decor Element to the top. Next, I cut CS for the 25 numbers. This was very tedious!!! But, I made it! On the back of each of the numbers, I put a small magnet. The Magnet I used comes in a large sheet and you cut it to fit your project. I found this at one of the craft stores. Next, I made a little box to hold all of my numbers and I attached it to the top of the bulletin board with Sticky Strip. I also added an envelope on the bottom for my receipts.

I was thinking about adding another envelope for coupons or gift lists. I might even add a "To-do list". I also think I am going to add some stamped images on the magnets o that you can see on the top just to spice it up a little. Aside from the numbers, this project cam together pretty quickly and I think will be helpful in keeping me somewhat organized this holiday season!! If you would like more instructions or would like to order the products to make this project, just let me know!!

I will share another project or two in the next day or so! So check back soon!!


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