Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's Here!

Well, we were asked to keep this under wraps until it was official........ (drum roll)....... Online ordering for Stampin' Up! has arrived. That is correct. There is no more waiting for me to have an order together. There is no more needing to call me to place your order (unless you still want to - I do love to chat!)....... You can now click right here and then click on the "Shop Now button in upper right hand corner. This will bring you right ot my online store and you can place a Stampin' Up! order anytime you want to!! Plus, you still get me! I will still be here to help you when your order comes in and will be happy to show you how to use a new product or help you get some new ideas.

So check it out! Let me know what you think of this great new option! Plus, it is easier than ever to browse the catalog right there, too!



1 comment:

Stephanie Rodgers said...

Hey Kel, have you actually checked it out yet? On the left side, under the products, there are PROJECTS! A ton of 'em! Way cool!